Bobbin lace course

Bobbin lace course

Start and duration of the course:

The course starts on  September and end on June.

Taught by Encarna Paredes

Bobbin lace for making a fan


     Wednesday afternoon, from 16:00 to 18:00 h.

      Saturday mornings, from 10,00 to 12,00 h.

Detail of bobbin lace


The registration period is open

Places are limited.

More Information 654 193 044 

Course Description and Content:

Now in L'Andana de l'art you can learn to make bobbin lace with entertaining classes and for all levels.

Teaching is completely customized, working groups are small, up to 8 people, to gain as much knowledge in each class. It works on a round and flat pillow. Each student has their own learning pace, and monitoring is individualized.

Learning and Performing Bobbin Lace is aimed at all types of people. It is a simple task but it manages create unique and personal pieces. The course is taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, helps to channel energy, tension and excitement. It is a very effective therapy to develop mindfulness, reflection, understanding and learning at the same time helps us to communicate and develop our imagination, achieving emotional balance and enhancing the aesthetic taste. 

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